Iconic Private Dining Club Announces New Ownership And Chef

Iconic Private Dining Club Announces New Ownership And Chef
Aubergine Private Dining Club Offers Fresh Perspective on Fine Dining Experience

COLUMBUS, OH (January 6, 2020) – Aubergine Private Dining Club, a membership only restaurant that has been serving central Ohio for nearly three decades, has announced it has changed ownership. Colin Gregory, General Manager of the dining club and Owner of Experience Hospitality Group, has taken the reins of the fine dining establishment after working alongside accomplished German Chef Hubert Siefert for eight years. Along with him come two new members to the team, Executive Chef Jacob Kuchan and Beverage Manager Dylan Padgett. Well-versed in the world of fine dining and known for their creativity and innovation in top restaurants across the United States, this team will allow Gregory to usher in a fresh perspective for a restaurant that has helped to define the culinary scene here in Columbus for over almost 30 years.

Located in the heart of Grandview at 1265 Grandview Ave, Aubergine Private Dining Club is the host to dignitaries, executives and celebrities alike. They pride themselves on creating unique and comized dining experiences for everyone that comes through their doors. Gregory and Chef Jacob plan to keep the traditions of Aubergine Private Dining Club alive but bring something new to the restaurant as well. The focus will be to create custom menus and unique experiences for guests not found in other restaurants, as well to have everything crafted just to the guests’ choosing. Their cocktail program will allow guests to experience modern cocktails designed to be paired with a meal or enjoyed all on their own. For guests that desire to be on the front lines at Aubergine, Padgett
enjoys the challenge of customizing drinks to order.

“I want everyone to leave Aubergine Private Dining Club not just feeling satiated, but with a memory that will last them a lifetime,” explains new Owner Colin Gregory. “We are here to create an experience to remember. It’s not just about the food. It’s about the people, the surroundings and the feeling that are all crafted to make sure you have the best experience possible. We touch the lives of thousands of influential people, taking this amazing tradition and simply building onto what Chef Hubert started is what we want to offer Columbus.”

Gregory has been in the hospitality industry for many years. Coming from Spagio Wine Lounge and other well-known establishments like Smith and Wollensky and Barcelona, he brings his vast knowledge of the culinary arts and wine expertise to the forefront at Aubergine Private Dining Club. Chef Jacob perfectly complements Gregory with a wealth of experience cooking for the world renowned three Michelin star Chicago restaurants, Alinea and Grace as well as Columbus favorites like Lindy’s and Rigsby’s. Padgett, a Culinary Institute of America New York alumnus, was the last piece of the equation for a well-rounded and talented leadership team.

Aubergine Private Dining Club is one of the longest-lived, membership only restaurants in Ohio and is tucked away just off of Grandview Avenue in a historic building that has long since been the home to the area’s finest dining establishments. Founded in 1990, Aubergine has been choreographing unique and memorable dining experiences for Columbus foodies and business elite for over 30 years. Its vision has always been to create an atmosphere in which the only constraints on the dining experience would be the guests’ own imagination, and this is what Gregory will continue as he guides Aubergine into this new decade.

Aubergine Private Dining Club One of Ohio’s few membership only restaurants, Aubergine Private Dining Club isn’t restricted by the tradition of a standard menu. They believe in creating an immersive experience that’s different every time for their members. The goal at Aubergine is to create a memory and an emotion, thus creating an experience that will live on well beyond leaving their doors. Come and experience what thousands of other influential people from around the world have tasted, and have a uniquely catered experience from the wine, to cocktail service, to fine dining and more. Discover more about Aubergine Dining Club on their website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

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